Waterproof strip

Shower Screen Water Bar Threshold For Your Shower Screen

Shower Screen Water Bar Thresholds For Drier Bathroom Floors



45*60*1600mm ; 45*60*1800 ; 45*80*1600mm ; 45*80*1800mm ; 60*60*1600mm ;60*60*1800mm

Keeping the shower room dry can really take a lot of effort. That’s why adding a shower screen water bar threshold to your shower screens makes perfect sense. You cannot find a more effective shower screen accessory than the shower screen water bar threshold.

Best for Flat Floors
The shower screen water bar threshold is especially designed by experts to work on level or flat bathroom floors or a bathroom designed with no hobs. Simply silicon it underneath the door clearance and you have the perfect accessory that will make your bathrooms safer from accidents.

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