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Marble Tile Trim Wholesale At Unbelievable Prices

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Features of Natural Stone Tile Trim


Each piece of natural stone tile trim is one of a kind, often characterized by unique marbling, coloring, and textures that cannot be exactly replicated. This offers a unique appeal for designer spaces.


Natural stone is known for its durability and can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear. This makes it a long-lasting option for areas that encounter heavy use.


The aesthetic of natural stone is classic and enduring. Unlike some materials that may go in and out of style, natural stone retains its appeal over time, fitting with both modern and traditional decors.


Natural stone tile trim comes in a variety of stone types, such as granite, marble, slate, and limestone, each offering different colors and textures to suit diverse design needs.

Easy Maintenance:

When sealed correctly, natural stone tile trim is resistant to moisture and bacteria, making it relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Value Addition:

Installing natural stone tile trim can add value to a property due to its luxurious appearance and the quality it signifies.

Wholesale Marble Tile Trims: Simplicity & Safety Assured.

Whether you’re in search of the perfect bullnose or a precise square marble tile trim, our wealth of expertise ensures seamless customization. Our advanced machinery accommodates stone tile trims up to 1/4 inches in length, setting our exceptional products apart in a crowded market.

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Why Choose Us?

KIRINSTONE stands out with a trifecta: specialized production lines, expert English-speaking staff, and a global hunt for the finest natural stones. Quality and efficiency? Guaranteed.

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"The transformation is stunning. Our home renovation shines with these exquisite marble trims. Absolutely recommend!"
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