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Kirin Stone Co. is a manufacturer of quality engineered stone moldings for a range of applications such as door and window trim, baseboard, tile trim, corner fix profile, water stopper, and custom solutions for home and commercial interiors. 

The Alternative Solution for Molding & Trim

Engineered Marble Molding & Trim Wholesale Can Be Easy & Safe.

Kirin Stone’ engineered marble molding & trim offers the consumers an affordable alternative to natural marble, while maintaining a greater level of color consistency & strength.

There is a wide selection to choose from, comprised of over 60 exquisite colors and patterns. Based on our extensive experience, on bulk order: customized services or Cut-To-Size are welcome, which makes the final product can be distinguished from the vast majority of molding and trim products on the market. In particular, our equipment supports natural stone moldings too.

Green Building Material

Our Products

We bring a new perspective and approach to the Molding & Trim industry by responding to your needs. Kirin Stone’ Engineered marble molding and trim are made from engineered stone  (also called artificial stone or compound stone). ENGINEERED MARBLE is a mixture or an agglomerated of crushed nature minerals like calcite/dolomite and polyester resin .

Corner Trim
Corner Trim
Tile Trim
Door & Window Trim
shower room stone base
Our Service

Kirin Stone's Services Always Go Extra Mile

No more endlessly wasting time on lousy molding trim wholesalers. Kirin Stone’s goal is to let you sit back and relax. We take care of all the dirty works, including trade stuff, clearance, and logistics, etc. Our consultant will keep you informed of the trade progress throughout.

Lighting Fast Delivery

If you don’t need additional designs, just the finished product, we have the inventory to support fast delivery.

OEM & ODM Available

Whether you want to have your logo engraved on the molding & trim or want to design it differently, we can help you.

Start With Low MOQ

If you want to wholesale Engineered Marble Molding Trim products, we support a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces for the first order of the readymade product.

Why choose us

Why Choose Kirin Stone?

Our engineered marble moldings are eco-friendly, and they use the most advanced technology to produce that can be up to the standard of  Greenguard Gold certified; this is among the world’s highest standards for improved indoor air quality. we have more than 6 years of experience in making stone molding & trim products. 

Our factory has 6 production lines dedicated to the production of stone molding & trim products.

The staff you interface with are experienced and certified in their English language skills.

Engineered stones create something beautiful and lasting from the by-products generated by natural marble quarries and other recycled contents like glass & mirrors.

You provide the design and we generally will give you a solution in a week’s time.

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About Engineered Stone Molding & Trim Wholesale

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Engineered Marble?

It’s an artificial stone also called compound stone. engineered marble is essentially a mixture of natural minerals like calcite, combined with color pigments, molded and baked with specially-blended polyester resin which acts as a binder. It is produced in the form of blocks and slabs of adequate thickness and then sawed into tiles from the blocks. 

Why Engineered Marble ?

Engineered marble products are considered to be among the best alternatives to naturally available stones like marble. Engineered marble moldings are composite products that are compact, hard, and enhanced can be used in private, public, and industrial sectors. Application areas include flooring baseboard, door and window molding, tile trim, corner fix profile, wall cladding, and another special format, etc.

How is Kirin Stone Engineered Stone Molding Trim different from natural marble?

As compared with natural stones, Engineered Stone offers a large selection of consistent colors with low porosity and high hygiene. Engineered stone offers very high hardness, stain, and scratch Due to its consistency in size, losses in cutting are almost 20% less than their natural counterparts. Its consistency in production ensures quick replenishment of stock to complete ongoing projects within schedule.

How durable is Molding & Trim ?

Our molding & trim product is the most durable surface material engineered stone. It is resistant to cracks, chips, scratches, and stains. Although it is very durable, excessive amounts of stress from objects can harm the surface.

Can I use Engineered Marble Modling Trim products for external application? ?

Due to the inherent properties of engineered stones, they are not suitable for use in external areas like facades that are directly exposed to direct sunlight. Kirin Stone Engineered Marble products are recommended for internal use only.

How should I remove stubborn or dried spills ?

To remove any spills use a damp cloth and carefully apply warm, soapy water to the space. For tougher stains, apply a non-abrasive cleanser. If food and gum need to be removed, first scrape them away using a plastic putty knife and then apply a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt. 

How do i maintain Molding & Trim products natual beauty ?

Kirin Stone Molding & Trim is known for its carefree surfaces. Simply wipe off any grease, hairspray, or makeup spills. To keep the surfaces clean, use a damp cloth and wipe with warm water and soap. For additional information please see our care and maintenance page.

Do I need to apply a sealer to Molding & Trim ?

Due to Kirin stone molding and trim’s non-porous surfaces, you will never have to apply sealer to any of our surfaces.

How do I maintain the polish on my Molding and Trim ?

For polished stone, cleaning with a wet damp cloth will keep your surface looking great. Use non-abrasive cleansers to avoid dulling the surface. 

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