About Kirin Stone

Company Mission

We dedicated to providing a unique variety of quality engineered stone & nature stone products, personal service, timely manufacturing and reliable distribution. Our ultimate goal is to enhance our customers’ ability to compete effectively in the marketplace.We also provided with customised profiles for project orders and bulk requirements.

Welcome to Kirin Stone

Headquartered near China Ceramics Industrial Headquarters Base, Foshan . China, and our industry experience dates back to 2015, Curently, we have two manufacturing plants: one based in Zhaoqing adn others in Yunfu. it covers an area of 88,000 square meter with advanced facilities, we offer service in production with superior speed and value.At present,Kirin Stone has provide slabs, baseboard, door&window casing, tile trim, waterproof threshold etc manufacturing and solutions for more than 1000 dealers China.


Engineered marble Molding

Our engineered marble molding product is a result of our innovaitve product designs and development initiatives.  Inspired by the unprecedented beauty of natural marble, the Kirin Stone product-line bridges the gap between nature and technology by maintaining the look and feel of natural marble while eliminating all the inherent problems that are prevalent in natural products.  Its blend of beauty & durabilityare undisputedly the most versatile and practical building material; truly nature redefined.                          

Why Choose Kirin Stone

We are professional Manufacturer

Product Stability

Strictly guided quality control starts from R&D design and through each process of production, products will always remain in best condition.

A Rich Range Of Styles

The varieties of molding & trim range benefits from rich colors, specified sizes, and customized surface finishes. We cover all wholesale and retail orders as well as OEM orders.

Wonderful Team

Professional sales team to offer fast response and good service.

Reasonable price–performance ratio

Create high-end brand services, products sub-basic price, affordable quality to luxury-quality type, to solve the problem of demand level.

Purchasing Steps

Customers visit the website first, and then send us an inquiry on the website by filling in the form. our salesman will quote the price to the purchaser after getting the purchase information. after the two sides confirm all the transaction details, we will send samples to the users. after the user is satisfied with the sample, he will give us the final order.

After the factory has finished producing the goods, it will be sent to the customer’s country by sea.

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@kirinstone.com”