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Hello! Since 2016, Kirinstone.com has been a dependable expert in tile trim profiles. With seven amazing years behind us, we’ve grown from our roots in China, steering domestic trade into a leading position in the industry – a success marked by our annual sales of over 30 million!


Recently, we’ve expanded our sights globally and launched our foreign trade department. As we’ve noticed a lag in craftsmanship among many global factories and wholesalers, we’re on a mission to bring cutting-edge tech directly to your doorstep, refreshing the market with innovation.


Because, let’s admit it, your customers’ spaces deserve the finest tile trims, and partnering with Kirinstone.com ensures just that. Join us in providing the best-trimmed trims in town!


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Consider us as the new entrants on the global scene, equipped with valuable domestic expertise. We’re confident it won’t take long before Kirinstone.com becomes a household name globally.
Embarking on the wholesale stone tile trim market journey is thrilling. Our excellent products and encouraging numbers boost our confidence. Looking forward to a potential partnership?
The icing on the cake: Secure your chance to become our exclusive distributor. Upon our collaboration, you become the prime source in your local market for our superior marble tile trims. Let’s bring the Kirinstone.com spark to your territory. Ready to embark on this exciting journey together?

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